First All-Russian Engineering Centre of the Molecular Layering Technology

ECMLT was founded in February 2021 as a structural unit of the Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology. Its activities are directed at conducting fundamental and applied research in the field of molecular layering and nanomaterials of various functional purposes, training of qualified specialists and interaction with leading enterprises. The centre includes research and technological laboratories equipped with unique research instruments, an educational centre and an information–marketing service.

Ereztech. Bridging chemical gaps

Ereztech LLC

Ereztech provides world-class organometallic precursor R&D and manufacturing services for customers around the world, helping navigate the uncertainties of any feasibility analysis with deep molecular synthesis capability for both design and manufacturing of final selection. Its expert chemists work with a wide range of organometallics, metals, air-sensitive materials, including principal main group, transition metal and rare earth complexes, ligands, and other building blocks, used in deposition precursors for electronics production, functional industrial coatings, photovoltaics, energy storage, and numerous advanced material, specialty chemical applications.