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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
One of the most prestigious universities in Russia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, information technology, management and economics. Russia's leading university is a modern training center of higher education.Founded in 1828.


Dear prospective students of Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology!
We are glad that you have decided to enter one of the oldest and prestigious universities of the Russian Federation - Saint Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University).
The Institute offers you a lot of areas of study:
1 Faculty of chemistry of substances and materials
2 Faculty of chemical and Biochemical technology
3 Faculty of Mechanical engineering
4 Faculty of information technology and management
5 Faculty of engineering and technology
6 Faculty of economics and management
Educational programmes
Bachelor degree program –4 years;
Specialist degree program – 5–5,5 years;
Master degree program – 2 years.
The academic year begins on September 1
Foundation courses begins on October 15
Specialist, bachelor program – 125 400–141 000 rubles (depends of the direction of study)
Master programs – 161 000 rubles.
Phd programs – 150 500–177 650 rubles  (depends of the direction of study)
Foundation courses – 96 000 rubles.
Documents for admission could be accepted until July 20.
Entrance examinations are held from July 20 to August 5.
Foreign students usually live in one of the two university hostels at the following addresses:
– «Prospekt Veteranov» metro station, Stoykosty 21
– «Narvskaya» metro station, Trefoleva 1
The cost of  accommodation in the university hostels is 1000 rubles per month.
All programms in our institute are in russian language, so first you must learn russian during 1 year on preparotory courses. if you need visa to Russia, please apply for invitation letter. For invitation we need scan of your passport. Attention!  Invitation is prepared during 1 month
All entrants must let us know when they will be in Saint-Petersburg. Otherwise we can’t book the place in hostel.
All students must have Medical insurance policy valid for at least 1 year. You can issue it in international department (3 800 rubles).
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