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Admission on a contractual basis


List of the required documents for application should be translated in Russian and approved by notary:

1. application form for an educational program of the relevant level, stated by an Admission Committee;

2. educational certificate/diploma* (or its notarized copy) and its transcript (in case it is provided bu the legal system of a foreign state that issued the certificate/diploma);

3. copy of identity document;

4. copy of entry visa to the Russian Federation (if there is one);

5. copy of migration card;

6. "Stay Regulations for Foreign Citizens in Russian Federation" signed;

7. Four photographs 3x4 Cm.

7. copy of the medical assessment report

8. copy of the medical certificate on the absence of the HIV


How to apply:

1.To fill and signe an application form for an educational program personally;


Deadline for application in 2016:

  • June 20 – Juliy 10: for all applicants not requiring an entry visa and requiring an entry visa


Periods for the admissions tests in 2015:

  • July 11–24 for full-time study
  • September 12–16 for correspondence courses
  • October 03–09 for correspondence courses


*The educational certificate needs to be

  • legalised if required
  • recognized in the Russian Federation (to have either a recognition certificate or an equivalence certificate if required)


In case of any questions regarding the procedure of admission at SpbSIT you are welcome to apply to the office by telephone +78124949377 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .  

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