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France gets closer

Rector of the Institute of Technology, met with French diplomats. February 1 Institute Attaché visited the French Embassy in the Russian academic cooperation Nicolas Mazek and attaches to the scientific and academic cooperation of the Consulate General of France in St. Petersburg Fanny Saad.

Rector told the guests about the institute, on prospects of development of the university. Nikolai Lisitsyn said that long-term cooperation Tehnolozhki with universities in France is developing successfully and growing, as evidenced by - several cooperation agreements with universities in France. Since 2011 working French language courses organized jointly with the French Institute on the basis of the Institute of Technology. The new semester will be recruited is the third group. The interest of students to study French language is growing.
Nicolas Mazek, in turn, spoke of the possibilities offered by the Government of the French students and researchers in obtaining scholarships and grants for scientific research. He paid special attention to opening new Internet information resources, and the institute has invited the community to actively participate in them.

Since the end of 2010 is valid, an initiative of the French Embassy in Russia, the Internet project - the first social network of the Franco-Russian educational programs. The site was created to bring together students and alumni of the Franco-Russian program, the French and Russian companies, which take them to his work, and universities that they are trained. Being the strictly French-Russian project, this social networking site designed, therefore, strengthen exchanges between Russia and France thanks to the people and organizations that contribute to their development.

Website established in 2011 - a year "of France in Russia" in order to bring the two countries, favoring as far as possible the cultural, academic and scientific relations. On this site you can read French university training programs and possible scholarships French Government for the education of foreign students in France.

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