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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
One of the most prestigious universities in Russia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, information technology, management and economics. Russia's leading university is a modern training center of higher education.Founded in 1828.

Analytical Chemistry

Head of Department - Professor, Doctor of Chemical SciencesHead of Department - Professor, Doctor of Chemical SciencesHead of Department - Professor, Doctor of Chemical Sciences
Victor Iosifovich Zarembo

The Deputy Head of Department:
for Academic Affairs - Rubec Vladimir Pavlovich
for Science - Prof., Kolesnikov Alexei Alekseevich

at NIRS - Hramov Aleksandr Nikolaevich

The Secretary of the Department - Hramov Aleksandr Nikolaevich

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Study subjects:
• Analitcheskaya chemical and physico-chemical methods of analysis
Special courses for undergraduates and faculty training:
• Analysis and study of condensed-phase inorganic materials
• Information technology in chemistry
• Investigation of molecular methods for calculating the electronic structure (the rate on the basis of the "Gaussian")

The department trains
The Department is actively working to prepare highly qualified personnel. Over the last decade defended 3 doctoral and more than 10 master's theses. The degree of Doctor of Science candidate, and have more than 95% of teachers. 3 professors are members of the dissertation councils.
Research work
Main directions of scientific research in the department:
• Theory and practical application of the method of regulation inherent synergies of heterogeneous processes (Prof., Assoc. Kolesnikov AA, prof. Zarembo VI)
• The development and use of equipment, modern computerized techniques for Scientific Research (Dr. Demin VA, Abramov DS)
• Development of analytical methods for environmental monitoring, quality control of foodstuffs (Dr. Demin, VA, Dr. E. Bakhvalov, Ph.D. Mametnabiev TE, Aladjalova LM, Zveryak NP)
• Modern materials used to form a visible image: the use of liquid crystal materials and chemical processes for recording, storing and displaying information, the development of environmental technologies resursosberegayuschihi for photographic and pulp and paper industries (Dr. JG Lifanov)
• study the geometric structure and dynamics of organic and organometallic compounds by gas electron diffraction, the theory of molecular structure and the nature of chemical bonding (prof. Belyakov AV)
• Materials and analysis of disordered systems: the nature and formation of thin films and semiconductor heterojunctions synthesized both in equilibrium and in highly nonequilibrium conditions (prof. Kalinkin IP, Ph.D., Associate Professor . scar VP)
• research and analysis of the solid surface, the study of the electronic structure of semiconductor surfaces by adsorption of metals (X-ray methods) (Ph.D., Assoc. Frank-Kamenetsky GE)
• the effect of weak radio-frequency fields on the self-organization processes of cluster structures in phase transitions (Goryunov AV)
• biomacromolecules and their modified derivatives for the separation of natural polyphenols (Ph.D., Assoc. Mametnabiev T.E)
• The development of electrochemical methods of analysis, membrane electrochemistry, inversion voltaperometriya (Aladjalova LM, Ph.D., Assoc. Kharitonov SV, Dr. Demin VA)
• Chromatographic methods of analysis and mass spectrometry of organic compounds (Ph.D., Assoc. Zorin BJ)
• the study of inorganic sorbents in chromatography (Dr. Bondarenko, TS)
• extraction-photometric methods for the analysis of equilibrium (Ph.D., Assoc. Bulatov, MI)

Teachers of the department:

Victor I. Zarembo, doctor of chemical sciences, professor
Alexei Kolesnikov, doctor of chemical sciences, professor
Belyakov, Alexander, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor
Kalinkin Igor Petrovich, Doctor of Chemical Sciences, Professor
Mametnabiev Tazhir Eskerovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Sergey Kharitonov, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Rumen Vladimir Pavlovich, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Frank-Kamenetsky, Galina Eduardovna, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Michael I. Bulatov, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Zorin Boris Yakovlevich, Ph.D., Associate Professor
Abovskaya Natalia V., Ph.D., Associate Professor
Bondarenko Tatyana Ivanovna, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer.
Lifanov Yuri G., Ph.D., Research Associate
Bakhvalov, Elena V., Ph.D., Research Associate.
Vladimir Demin, Ph.D., an engineer
Ezyukov Alexey Pavlovich, Ph.D., an engineer.
Birger L. Bell, scientific secretary
Goryunov Andrey V., educational master
Aladjalova Lyubov, Senior Lecturer
Daria V. Zarembo, a junior researcher.
Anna Leonova, an engineer
Natalya Petrovna Zveryak Engineer
Nabokov Olga, Head of the laboratory study of quantitative analysis the Department of Analytical Chemistry
Irina Osipova Afanasyevna, head of educational department of analytical chemistry laboratory.
Abramov, Dmitry Sergeyevich, academic master.
Lukkonen Valery, a training master.
Grinevskaya Elena

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