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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
One of the most prestigious universities in Russia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, information technology, management and economics. Russia's leading university is a modern training center of higher education.Founded in 1828.

Chemical technology of Silicate Materials

Chairman: Panteleev Igor Borisovich, Professor, Dr. Sc.Chairman: Panteleev Igor Borisovich, Professor, Dr. Sc.

Chairman: Panteleev Igor Borisovich, Professor, Dr. Sc.


Vice Chair: Associate Professor, Ph. D. (Engineering) Natalya Olegovna Tagiltseva

Telephones: +7 (812) 494-9389, +7 (812) 494-9396, +7 (812) 494-9220

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The department trains:

· Bachelors and Masters in course 18.03.01 and 18.04.01 - Chemical Technology

· Bachelors and Masters in course 22.03.01 and 22.04.01 - Materials Science and Engineering

The department trains experts with encyclopedic knowledge in the field of inorganic compounds science. Its graduates work in many branches of industry where the following problems are solved: production problems, use of glass, glass ceramics, enamels, other heat-resistant non-metallic and silicate compounds, as well as in research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

Education Process
The curriculum of the department includes the following disciplines:

Physical Chemistry of Heat-Resistant Non-Metallic and Silicate Compounds
Thermal Processes and Machines in the Silicate Industry
Theory of Glass
Theory of Glass Production Technology

These disciplines branch out into the following courses:

Glass Technology (which includes: Technology of Hollow Glass, Technology of Quartz, Technology of Fiber-Optics, Technology of Optical Glass, Technology of Enamels, etc.)
Equipment of Glass Plants and Project Engineering Theory
Glass Research Methods
Theory of Glass Production
Metrology, Standardization and Certification

During the life of the department, academic activity expanded and improved along with the development of science and engineering in glass technology and other heat-resistant non-metallic compounds.

Academic, teaching and scientific publications of the department are widely known: among them are over 30 textbooks, study guidelines, monographs and reference books such as a textbook in Physical Chemistry of Silicates – by Professor N.А. Toropov and Professor K.S. Evstropyev. N.N. Kachalov wrote a textbook in Glass Grinding and Polishing and a monograph “Glass”.

There are also two editions of the monograph “Enameling of Metal Products” under the editorship of V.V. Vargin. Leading teachers of the department are authors of several sections in the textbook in Glass Technology under the editorship of I.I. Kitaigorodsky (it was published 5 times).

In recent years important publications were released, such as the textbook “Physical Chemistry of Silicates and Other Heat-Resistant Compounds” by V.S. Gorshkov, V.G. Savelyev, N.F. Fedorov, the study book “Methods of Physicochemical Research in Heat-Resistant Non-Metallic and Silicate Compounds” by А.P. Zubekhin, V.I. Ctrakhov, V.G. Chekhovskoy.









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