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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
One of the most prestigious universities in Russia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, information technology, management and economics. Russia's leading university is a modern training center of higher education.Founded in 1828.

Inorganic Chemistry

Chairman – Bashmakov Vladimir Ivanovich
Vice Chairmen:
Education – Zinchenko Andrey Viktorovich
Research – Ruzanov Daniil Olegovich
phone: +7(812)494-92-47
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Educational disciplines

"General & Inorganic Chemistry"
"Inorganic Chemistry"
"Additional Chapters of Inorganic Chemistry"

The department trains candidates in specialty 02.00.01 "Inorganic Chemistry"
Over the past 35 years, the department has trained more than 150 candidates and 5 doctors of chemical sciences.

Research work
Research work carried out mainly in the following areas:
1. Directed synthesis of complex compounds of transition metals, the study of the structure, reactivity, and formation conditions based on these supramolecular and multifunctional supramolecular systems.
2. Creating a new generation of catalysts consisting of nanosized palladium deposited on nanoporous materials.
3. Synthesis, structure and reactivity of bimetallic complexes of platinum metals with compounds of tin(II) and germanium(II).

Antonov, Peter, Professor, Dr.Sc. (chemistry)
Belyaev, Alexander, Professor, Dr.Sc. (chemistry)
Ukraintsev Valery, Professor, Dr.Sc. (chemistry)
Alexandrova, Elena, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Bashmakov, Vladimir, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Burmistrova, Natalia, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Eremin, Alexey, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Fischer, Andrei, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Khokhriakov, Konstantin, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Pakhomova, Tatyana, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Panina, Natalia, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Ruzanov, Daniil, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)
Zinchenko, Andrey, Associate Professor, Ph.D. (chemistry)

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