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Processes Automation in Chemical Industry

Chairman: Professor, Dr. Sc. (Engineering) Leon Abramovich RusinovChairman: Professor, Dr. Sc. (Engineering) Leon Abramovich RusinovChairman: Professor, Dr. Sc. (Engineering) Leon Abramovich Rusinov

Telephones: +7(812) 494-9253.

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Web Site:

The department has a branch at the Institute of Engineering Control in Construction Materials

The department, in cooperation with its branch, trains:

· Specialists (engineers) in specialty 220301 (210200) - Engineering Control of Technological Processes and Production (in different industries)

· Bachelors of Engineering and Technology in course/specialty 220200 - Engineering Control

· Ph. D.s. and Drs. Sc. in specialties:
05.13.06 - Engineering Control of Technological Processes and Production (Industry)
05.11.13 - Devices and Monitoring Methods of the Environment, Compounds, Materials and Products.

The department trains specialists with a universal education in Engineering Control. Its graduates work in industrial and project companies, research institutes and universities.

Education Process
The curriculum of the department includes the following disciplines:

  • Engineering Measurements and Devices
  • Computers, Systems and Networks
  • Equipment for Engineering Control
  • Multivariable Measurements and Devices
  • Metrology, Standardization and Certification
  • Engineering Control of Technological Processes and Production
  • Artificial Intelligence in Control Engineering
  • Mechanization Systems in the Chemical Industry
  • Computer-Aided Analytical Control
  • Specialized Technical Devices and Engineering Control Systems
  • Systems Analysis of Technological Processes
  • Applied Software and Computer Systems
  • Diagnostics and Reliability of Computer Engineering Systems
  • Project Engineering and Management Systems
  • CAD Systems of Control
  • Systems Modeling
  • Engineering Control Systems in Chemical Technological Processes
  • Advanced Scientific Research Computer Systems
  • Supervisory Computer Control Systems
  • Optimization in Computer Engineering Systems

The branch of the department trains specialists in disciplines of Engineering Control in the Construction Materials Industry (CMI):

  • Identification of Controlled Systems in CMI
  • Algorithms of Computer-Supported Systems in CMI
  • Devices and Mechanization Systems in CMI
  • Technological Processes and Equipment in CMI
  • Systems Analysis of Technological Processing
  • Monitoring of Technological Parameters in CMI
  • Computer Engineering of Technological Processes in CMI
  • Optimization in CMI
  • Computer-Supported Systems Software in CMI
  • Decision-Making in Computer-Supported Systems in CMI
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