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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
One of the most prestigious universities in Russia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, information technology, management and economics. Russia's leading university is a modern training center of higher education.Founded in 1828.

System Analysis

Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor Alexander Azerovich MusaevDr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor Alexander Azerovich Musaev


Head of Department:

Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Professor Alexander Azerovich Musaev



Deputy heads of Department:

·         on academic work:Associate Professor, Ph.D., Krasnoborodko Denis Aleksandrovich

·         on scientific work:Professor, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Yulenets Yuri Pavlovich

Phone: (812) 494-9302

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




The department trains:

Bachelorsin course:

27.03.03 - "System analysis and control"

profile "System analysis and management in chemical technology"

Mastersin course:

27.04.03 - "System analysis and management" of the Master's program:

"System analysis and management of organizational systems"

"System analysis and decision-making model."

Ph. D.s and Drs. Sc. in course:

"Computer science, computer facilities and management" in the following specialties

05.13.06 - Automation and management of technological processes and production

05.13.18 - Mathematical modeling, numerical methods and complexes of programs

05.13.01 - System analysis, management and information processing.


Education Process:

The curriculum of the department includes the following disciplines:

·         IT-technologies:


"Computer science"

"Methods of visual design interface objects in applications of chemical technology"

"Methods of object-oriented programming tasks of the system analysis of objects of chemical technology"

"Basics of procedure-structured programming problems in system analysis of objects of chemical technology"

"Application software and systems"

"The theory of information systems"

"The theory and technology of programming"

"Project management software development and system analysts application area"

·         Mathematical cycle:

"Computational Mathematics"

"Discrete Math"

"Mathematical Programming"

"Methods of design of experiments"

"Applied Mathematics"

"Theory of Probability and Mathematical Statistics"

"The theory of random processes"

"Data mining"

·         Special disciplines:

"Introduction to the profession"

"The information-modeling software for analysis and synthesis of chemical processes"

"Models and methods for the description of discrete processes'

"Simulation objects Chemical Technology"

"Simulation systems"

"Basic scientific research"

"Optimization of Chemical Technology objects"

"System analysis of chemical technology"

"System analysis, optimization and decision making"

"Formal methods of building control systems of chemical-technological processes"

"Chemical-technological systems, optimization and resource conservation"


Research work:

Scientific activity is connected with the development of theoretical and software-algorithmic synthesis environment of automated technological systems based on intelligent systems analysis, modeling and management.

Intensively solve problems of development of mathematical models, databases, test systems for the educational process, developed algorithms and software based on established mathematical models based on experimental data, processes and characteristics of their occurrence.

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