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Energy Technology

Energy Technology 



Acting Head of Department:

Professor, Dr. Sc. (Engineering), Mazur Andrey Semenovich


Phone: (812) 494-93-27

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.






The department trains:
Bachelors and Masters in course "Technosphere safety"


The department trains specialists with a universal engineering education. Its graduates work in different branches of the national economy dealing with safety issues in the chemical and petrochemical industry, production and recycling of high-energy compounds as well as in many other research, project and production enterprises.


Education Process:

The curriculum the fundamental subjects:

·         "The theory of combustion and explosion,"

·         "The reliability of technical systems and technological risks",

·         "Chemical technology of energy-material",

·         "Chemical Physics of energy-material",

·         "Information Security",

·         "Production Safety"

·         "industrial hygiene and occupational health",

·         "Protection emergency "

·         "Industrial Ecology".

Their development is the courses:

·         "Safety Management",

·         "Applied Physics of explosion,"

·         "Technology and equipment for petrochemical plants",

·         "Technology of composite materials and energy-products",

·         "Technology of processing energy-maerialov",

·         "structural materials, corrosion protection."

Rounding out the training Discipline:

"Technology and the safe production and use of industrial explosives", "automatic fire and explosion", "Examination of accidents and disasters", "Designing and equipment manufacturing energy-materials", "Technology-aided manufacturing energy-materials and products"

The department conducts educational activities to improve management development industry in Russia and CIS countries.


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