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Environmental Engineering

Head of Department:

Professor, Dr. Sc. (Chemical), Ivakhnyuk Grigory Konstantinovich


Deputy heads of Department: Associate Professor, Ph.D., Redin Vladislav Ivanovich

Phone:(812) 494-93-10; (812) 494-93-37

Fax:(812) 494-93-37

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The department trains:

Bachelorsin course:

"Technosphere safety", the specialization "Engineering protection of environment"

Ph. D.s and Drs. Sc. in course:

"Technosphere safety"

"Engineering protection of environment"


The department trains highly qualified specialists in the following:

·         Environmental Protection Engineering

·         Rational Management of Natural Resources

·         Processing of Secondary Raw Materials and Production Waste

·         Ecological Expertise

·         Environmental Forecast and Prevention of Emergency Situations

·         Technical Safety of Systems and Facilities

·         Personal and Collective Protection Equipment

·         Human Endoecology

·         Equipment and Methods of Environmental Control and Analysis

Education Process:

·         The curriculum of the department includes the following disciplines:

·         Theory of environmental protection

·         Environmental Protection in Emergency Situations

·         Human Physiology - Basics of Toxicology

·         Techniques and Technology of Hydrosphere Protection

·         Safety of Production Equipment and Technological Processes

·         General Ecology

·         Geosciences

·         Industrial Ecology

·         Processing and Recycling of Production Waste

·         IT in Environmental Protection

·         Methods of Environmental Protection from Hazards

·         Nature Management

·         Environmental Monitoring Methods and Devices

·         Techniques and Technology of Atmosphere Protection

·         Standardization, Metrology and Certification

·         Project Engineering of Industrial and Environmental Facilities

·         Ecology of the Baltic Sea


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