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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
One of the most prestigious universities in Russia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, information technology, management and economics. Russia's leading university is a modern training center of higher education.Founded in 1828.
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Radioecology and Radiochemical Engineering Technology

Head of Department:

Associate Professor, Ph.D.,Doilnitsyn Valery Afanasievich


Deputy heads of Department:

on academic work:

Associate Professor, Ph.D.,Proyaev Viktor Vasilevich

on scientific work:

Associate Professor, Ph.D., Tsvetkov Viktor Ivanovich

Phone/Fax:(812) 494-93-58

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The department trains specialists in basic scientific courses: handling of radioactive waste, rehabilitation of polluted areas and facilities, deactivation of installations and equipments, technology of heat carriers, nuclear energetic installations, radioecological problems of nuclear fuel cycle, decommissioning of nuclear installations, prevention of accidents, legal and social aspects of provision of radioecological security, etc.


The department trains:

Specialists(engineers) in course"Chemical technology of modern energetic compounds ", specialization "Technology of coolants and radioecology nuclear power plants" (5.5 years).


Education Process:

The curriculum of the department includes the following disciplines:

·         Applied Nuclear Physics

  • Radiochemistry
  • Introduction to the Chemical Technology of Materials in Modern Energetics
  • Materials and Equipment of Nuclear Power Plants
  • Monitoring in Radiochemical Technology
  • Technology of Deactivation
  • Technology of Radioactive Waste Recycling
  • Theory of Hydrometallurgical Processes
  • Radioecology
  • Chemical Technology of Nuclear Fuel
  • Project Engineering in Radiochemical Production
  • Chemical-Technological Support of Power Plants
  • Environmental Protection Management
  • Metrology, Standardization and Certification
  • Physicochemical Research and Analysis


Members of the department are authors of textbooks and study guides which constitute a large part of the Russian nuclear education: Radiochemistry, Nuclear Technology, Chemical

Technology of Heat-Transfer Agents in Nuclear Power Plants, Deactivation in Nuclear Energetics, Principles of Extraction in Associated Reagents, Introduction to Radioecology, Radiation, Biosphere, Technology.

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