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Scientific Research

Scientific Research is being carried out in the following fields:

  • Principles of Physico-Chemical Production and Processing of High-Dispersion Materials for Medicines and Techniques 
  • Theory of Chemical Bond 
  • Physical Chemistry and Electrochemistry of Multicomponent Compounds 
  • Physico-Chemical Principles of Synthesis of Polynitrogen Compounds for Medicines and Techniques 
  • Chemistry of Solids and Scientific Principles of Chemical Nanotechnology 
  • Scientific Principles of Synthesis of Transition Metal Compounds for the IT Industry 
  • Production of New Organic and Elementoorganic Polymers and Energy and Resource-Saving Technological Processing 
  • Development of Physico-Chemical and Technological Principles for the Production of Refractory Oxygen-Free Compounds with High Operational Quality 
  • Intensification of Chemical Processes in the Inorganic Industry 
  • Scientific Basis of Technology of Life-Support Systems and Human & Environmental Protection 
  • Theoretical Principles and Modeling Methods of Energy-Efficient Mass-Transfer Processes with Internal Heat Sources, for the Production of Specific-Properties Materials 
  • Scientific Basis of Production and Application of Ecological High-Energy Compounds and Materials 
  • Ecological and Safe Technology of Processing Nuclear Fuels, Waste and Materials 
  • Oil, Coals and Gas Refining 
  • Scientific Basis of Biological Production for Medicine, Agriculture and Biotechnology 
  • Engineering Control, Optimizing and CAD Systems in Chemical Technology Processes and Research 
  • Artificial Intelligence and Adaptive Control Systems for Multi-Product Chemical Plants 
  • Systems Analysis, Control and Data Processing in Chemical Technology and Energy & Resource-Saving 
  • Theory and Practice of Corporate Management 

Presentation of Scientific Research

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