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Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology
One of the most prestigious universities in Russia in the field of chemistry, chemical engineering, biotechnology, nanotechnology, engineering, information technology, management and economics. Russia's leading university is a modern training center of higher education.Founded in 1828.

University today


      Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology (Technical University) was founded on November 28, 1828. D.I. Mendeleev, F. Beilstein and other well-known scientists worked 

here. Many scientific schools, known all over the world, were developed in Technological Institute. Today, SPSIT presents new cutting-edge materials for modern branches of science and technology in the following fields: Fuel Industry, Materials Science, Functional Materials, Information Technology, Medicine, Healthcare, Environment, Optoelectronic and Nanomaterials. The main building of SPSIT is situated in the  historical center of the city.

Being one of the oldest Russian  universities,  SPSIT has a long history of international cooperation. From the very first years of existence, the institute invited outstanding foreign scientists. Many of them continued their research work within the institut,  founded large scientific schools and made great discoveries. The institute maintains partnership with colleagues from Germany, France, Finland, Algeria, China, Japan etc. Extensive work within the terms of over 50 agreements on cooperation with foreign institutes and companies is being conducted.

There are the following directions of international cooperation:

- Students exchange on various educational programs;

- Double diploma;

- Professor exchange for lecturing;

- Realization of joint researches and scientific investigations;

- Establishment of commercial contracts with foreign companies on scientific research projects;

- Holding of international conferences, seminars and academic competitions;

- Participation in international scientific practical conferences and seminars, educational programs and projects, academic competitions and symposiums;

- Realization of collective publications, scientific, educational and methodological works.

Annually, outstanding scientists from various countries become honorable doctors of Saint-Petersburg State Institute of Technology.


    SPSIT provides students a wide range of facilities. The Main library opened its doors on October 11, 1831. At present the library contains over 1 million books, including rare editions. There are 4 reading rooms for scientific work, where over 330 people can work simultaneously.

 An Internet room provides free access to the global information network, allowing users work with electronic libraries and databases. There are 6  dormitories for students. The SPSIT museum represents the main documentary steps in the institute’s history in chronological order from craftsmen school to the Institute of Technology, illustrated with authentic historical documents, photographs, medals, rare scientific publications, instruments, ancient pieces of furniture, which reproduce on exclusive aura of the 19-th century. 




     Over 80 percent of students are the members of the largest students` organization – the Students` Trade Union. This is the main local students` autonomous body in the institute that aims managing social issues and bringing students together. The Union organizes and holds sport events, conferences, meetings, excursions, festivals and concerts dedicated to various  Saint-Petersburg and the Institute events. Great attention is paid to the students` physical education, which promotes the unity among student, persistency and team spirit. There are various sport clubs: aerobics, basketball, tennis, football, hand wrestling, athletics, etc.  

 There are 2 academicians and corresponding members of Russian and International Academies of Sciences, 75 professors and Doctors of Science and over 8000 students. The university comprises 6 faculties and 51 departments


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